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One of my favorite people, producers, friends, John Fields, will pop up from time to time and ask me to sing for a project he’s doing.

He texted me one day and asked if I’d sing for an artist he was producing named Peter Cincotti… I had no idea who he was… (my fault… I’m the one living under a rock, but I’m working on it…)

Ironically, Chicago was just about to get into our last recording project with the great Phil Ramone, (rest in peace Phil), and I found out Phil had produced some stuff on Peter… Peter is a young crooner…

John Fields was brought on to produce some pop stuff for him…

So John sends me 2 tracks and I open up “Madeline”.  WOWWWWWWWWWWW… What a great song… shall we start with that?  That’s one of the biggest problems in the music industry… BAD MUSIC… starting with BAD SONGS…

So here’s Fields sticking to the story of making sure the art is world class… GREAT singer, GREAT piano player, and a GREAT SONG!

Lucky me… I get to sing on it.

So I play the tune and it’s absolutely phenomenal… again, can’t thank John for letting me be a part of it…

The lyric is absolutely outstanding… chilling in its message… but Cincotti really delivers…

Well, we finished it a long time ago and I wondered if it would ever see the light of day.  I’d look from time to time on Youtube to see if it was out… and hadn’t, until today.

John sent me this link and it made me smile in many ways… first, that it’s tied to a product… Vanity Fair… you’re going to see more and more of this as time marches on…

And it confirms that I’m on the right path… by taking my future solo efforts into a product based industry to support the cause… (stay tuned for “Scheffy’s Seacret Sessions”… the variety series I’ll be shooting…)

So I’d like to give you the link now to check out this beautiful piece of art… check out the song… check out the record, check out the video… yes, this is where I’m headed too… partnering up with companies, individuals… to keep the art alive.

Thank you John for including me in this… and I LOVE the way you put my vocals into your productions… they don’t draw attention… as you’ve said, the *beams* are tucked back into the track to just provide *frequencies*.  I LOVE IT!

More to come!!!  Have a listen…

All my best to you,  Jason

Ok… I gotta do it… I’m going to include 2 more videos in this post, even though it’s originally Madeline… these 2 other songs are too good to not share!

This first one is the other one I sang on for this project.

Graffiti Wall

And then another one I found that I LOVE! And it only stands to reason, David Foster produced it and Humberto Gatica was at the console dialing in the sounds!

Goodbye Philadelphia



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