What a day…
by on March 11, 2011 in Fitness Personal Development

Wow, set a goal and see what happens. I’m sitting here in the afterglow in one of Tracy’s and my favorite restaurants… Leonor’s.

Funny how Tony Horton and I used to come here every day after my workouts in 1989. It’s only fitting that I’d come to celebrate shooting the “Shoulders And Arms” video for the new P90X today at the place I was discovering the magic of eating clean all those years ago.Getting into this video was a milestone. Did I get in because I’m in a famous band? That probably had something to do with it but when it mattered, when it was on the line and I had to come in respectable I worked about as hard as I have for anything preparing for it, especially the last 6 weeks or so… But it was another one of those turning points… Realizing I’d let my guard down, one more time… Let the outside world become my excuse, once again to get frustrated, take it to heart and eat over it.

Can’t put it any more plain than that…And now, approaching 49 years old, I see the future so clearly now… It’s about finding out how good I can get. Maximizing my potential. I have two choices, to be a young guy, or an old guy. I’m at that age. Take care of my health, my voice, my craft and gifts, and I’m young enough to have a pretty good package left with some good years ahead of me.

If I let the outside world be the excuse to not be as great as I can be… I can just imagine the regret I’ll live with. The reason I can imagine it is because I can start to feel the taste of it, now. Looking back and asking myself if I’ve taken advantage of the opportunities given me, or have I rested on some laurels… fitness is the perfect example… having been elite, a couple times in my life… did I keep it up? Nope… and why?

Well, all the best excuses in the world… but they’re not working for me any longer… the vision of what that regret will be down the road is too great… and thank you, whatever, whomever, is sounding the siren… giving me the wakeup call… I hear you, loud and clear… and thank you…

As I give it my all from today forward and my results stay the same, I can live with it… At least I’d tried. But I can’t ignore it any longer… I’m no longer comfortable being in the *almost* category. No matter what anybody says, “You’re the worst” or “You’re the best”… Nobody’s opinion matters anymore, other than mine, as far as allowing that type of thinking/philosophy to influence me.What a great day. It’s nice to be alive…



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