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by on March 18, 2013 in Personal Development

I just got a GREAT email from a colleague of mine… I LOVE this stuff!  I’ve opted into so many mailing lists… free trainings, etc. because I’ve been studying like a madman how professionals have been marketing themselves…

Personally?  All I ever wanted to be was a musician… if anybody needed to *sell* as an artist, well, you weren’t good enough to be a PURE artist… OTHER people took care of that for you… oh, and they sure did!

Look at the long line of artists who had it all and don’t any longer because they weren’t paying attention.

So… without going on a COMPLETE tangent, I’m going to paste in the beginning of his invitation… I’m leaving out the invitation because this isn’t about INVITING you to anything!

It’s just to illustrate this one point… I don’t know about you, but for me, even with all the success I’ve had as an artist there are plenty of times I can get *down*… all you have to do is have the wrong influences and there are plenty out there!  Just turn on most of what’s on television!  Ooooops… I did it again… made a broadstroke I’ll most likely hear from many people defending their right to watch all the crap that’s out there!  Haaaaaaa

And yes, does it make me some kind of smug, elitist thinking I know better, or AM better than?  Well, I used to be able to fall into that easier, (before I started reading some books that changed me)… and now I’m not pointing it at anybody but MYSELF!

The equation presented to me was a no brainer… were the people I was giving my attention to, or the television I was watching… or the stuff I was reading, (actually, wasn’t a big reader before), helping me move forward?  Were they making me wake up with hope, wonder, excitement?

And here’s my favorite consideration… with all of this new world marketing, sales, pie in the sky promises of riches and wealth… and in an economy where people are dying out there… in any industry, (just take a look at the music industry over time…), there are bad people… and there are lots of great people… fortunately, early on, I was lucky to fall in the hands and mentorship of good folks.  And that’s what I’ve tried my whole life to pass on.

So the truth is out there… the promise of a better life… whether it’s health, finances, spirituality… it’s all sitting right there in front of everybody… it’s a matter of what we’re paying attention to.

And here’s what’s really cool about the people I’ve started associating with starting 4 years ago… they got me to THINK.  To dream… to see the horizon… see a better future and to start shaping it… acting on it…

Bumps in the road?  You bet… laughing at me?  You bet… but when you’ve decided, (which is one of the most incredible gifts we have that so many people don’t even realize they possess because they’ve bought so many other people’s plans for them…) but when you’ve decided… NOTHING stands in the way… And that’s how I feel… daily.

Are there days I question it all?  You bet and then some marketing piece hits my inbox, I read it, I may not even be interested in the actual product but just the GETTING ME TO THINK part is worth the opt in.

I’ve found from all the good ones out there that it’s about ADDING VALUE to people… giving them some small nugget to inspire them… that’s what I started doing my “Daily Lick” for… just a free piece of content that people write me all the time thanking me for… telling me it inspires them…

And I did it just to put it out there… Can I monetize it as some point?  Sure… maybe if enough people beat my doors down asking for lessons… I’ll have to give in!  Don’t want to let people go without!

So here is the piece I took from Tyler Garns… sure, you can google him and figure out what he’s talking about in this message but I’ll refrain from putting it in my blog because that’s not the point.

But you see how it’s working?  He puts something of value out there… and I share it!  A tiny viral effect… same thing with my Daily Lick… there are buttons to share them with.

So when you read what Tyler said in his email, you’ll get it… once we’re *stirred* to look at our lives… and start *thinking* and stop whining about the way things were and start doing something about it… the horizon is beautiful…

We are very unique creatures… we have the ability to course correct… amazing… I don’t want to get to the end of my life and realize I could have done things about it, and didn’t.

Think about that for a second… anybody who is able bodied… who is making excuses… hey, I’m not being judgemental but the day comes when we wake up and realize… “Wait a minute!  I can DO something about this!”

And I’ll finish with this… yes, I’ve found GREAT ways to give myself a beautiful picture of the future, AS an artist rather than complain about how bad things are… my methods?  Are not right for everybody… and the busier I get, I can’t work with everybody… but I love being part of a movement… of those who have DECIDED…

I’m going to make sure my future, and my family’s future is PHENOMENAL!  (and here’s the best part… even if I don’t… that attitude sure feels a lot better than walking around with my head hanging down… and it’s amazing how things happen with the right attitude!)

Here’s Tyler’s message…

<<<<<Hi Jason,

A couple months back I was far from my family, alone and vulnerable, and I stooped to a new low….

…I watched The NeverEnding Story on T.V.

Yep, I did.


Sad, I know.

But, it made me think about The Nothing.  If you remember, The Nothing is a void of darkness that consumes everything in its path.  It represents human apathy, cynicism, and lack of imagination.

So, let me ask: Is The Nothing winning in your business?  In your life?  In your relationships?

When was the last time you really when out on a limb?

When was the last time you took a big risk, but dove in with a “burn the ships” attitude?

When was the last time you let your mind really dream of what’s possible?

If you didn’t answer “today” for any of these questions, it time to re-evaluate.

What’s the value of life if we’re not fully living it?

How you choose to live your life is a personal matter, but I’ve got something that should stoke the fire in your business. >>>>>



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